Thursday, 9 June 2016

Moving On . . .

I know it has been some time since my last post and that is for a number of reasons; but if I'm honest the main one has been not wanting to write about my dogs, because losing Buster was still so fresh and raw in my mind. I still miss him and I guess I always will but time as they say is a great healer.

People often ask me (especially soon after Buster passed) if my other dogs missed him or noticed that he was no longer there?

First I need to state the obvious that dogs are not human and they do not have human emotions; even if we sometimes transpose ours upon them. They do "read" our emotional state very well and respond to it with actions but they are not feeling what you and I feel.

Both Buffy and Bobby noticed a difference in that they were more attentive to doors opening and who may come through them, but after a few weeks that passed. They both sniffed around the gardens and Bobby took to having a wee under the bush that Buster used to use for the same purpose, so maybe she was drawn to his smell?

If Busters name comes up in conversation Bobby looks up and listens but Buffy does not. 

My conclusion from this is that Bobby has some concept of Buster and that he is no longer with us but that Buffy does not. Bobby and Buster grew up together and Buffy joined us when they were aged six and five respectively so that may explain that.

Life does go on and I have to say that I value my time with my dogs now even more than than I did before (and most people would say I was attentive to them before). Losing Buster within three days of him becoming unwell, has made me more aware of how fragile and precious life really is and how quickly things can change. Bobby is over fifteen now and Buffy is over ten.

Summer is here now and recently we've enjoyed a family day out at Swansea beach with children and Bobby and Buffy. This is Bobby below watching our girls running back.

If you have dogs make sure you treasure them and love them as they love you. You never know when they will be gone.