Grooming Your Border Terrier.

Looking after any dog is a lot more complex than just feeding and exercising and in the case of Border Terriers that will include looking after their coat.

There are two options, pay someone else to do it, or learn how to do it yourself.

In my book "Grooming Your Border Terrier" you'll find all you need to be able to hand-strip your dog; and how to use electric clippers to best effect (especially useful for older dogs).

Yes you read that right.

 Grooming Your Border Terrier

Everyone will tell you "must never use clippers" on a Border Terriers coat as you'll ruin it and it will not be waterproof again. In my book as well as explaining how to hand-strip, I explain fully how to use clippers to maintain your Border Terriers coat. 

Overtime I developed this electric clipper approach as my ageing Border Terriers found hand stripping stressful and I wanted to retain the classic Border Terrier look. It took trial and error with several older Border Terriers before it was perfected and now it's available for you. 

As an aside its worth noting that most of the waterproofing of your dogs coat comes from oil secreted by glands in your dogs skin for this purpose and not as most would have you believe simply by the harsh outer coat. 

In the book you'll find out how to hand strip as well use electric clippers and you'll also find useful reference lists of tools and consumables you'll need to keep your Border Terrier looking great what ever age they are.