Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer is Here!

At last some decent sunshine! My Border terriers love it, Buffy jumps up on any vacant garden chair even in the garage yard to grab some sunshine. Bobby is more "a get hot, go into the shade and then go out in the sun again" dog. All our doors are open during the summer and the dogs come and go as they please (although mostly this means they are never more than ten feet from me). I have two large water bowls for them around the house so where-ever they are they're never far from a drink. I change their water twice a day whether it's low or not to keep it fresh, as insects and dust can quickly taint it.

In the middle of June we went to Swansea for the day which offers a great coastal path walk under trees and has a beautiful dog and child friendly beach. This is Bobby having been in the sea watching the children run back. We normally go more often in the Spring, Autumn and Winter when the weather is cooler but this weekend it was cool but sunny; great dog weather and great children play weather.

At a recent three monthly check up our Vet found Bobby had a bit of arthritis in one of her back legs. I had been treating her for nearly two years with Cod Liver Oil supplements and half a powdered Glucosomine Sulphate tablet twice a week. Now she has the dog version of the same things and the jury is out on which is better. Bobby is Fifteen and a half (that half matters at her age). She is still bright and cheerful and loves swimming and chasing seagulls.

We don't take her on such long walks anymore and she seems none the worse for that. Buffy is now back to health after struggling for a long time with wheat & yeast allergies. Buffy is now on a fresh meat, rice and vegetable diet and on Alpoquel and is responding very well.

As it's summer in the UK now it can get warm very quickly so keep an eye on your dogs and if they are outside provide some shade. Also remember dogs and children left in cars even in the shade is dangerous! This is what the RSPCA say about dogs in hot cars.

Enjoy your day.