Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Buster's Post Op News & Aftercare

I'm pleased to say that Buster's operation to remove a damaged tooth and also remove a couple of connected and infected teeth went very well.

He was released late Friday afternoon and all went went very well during the operation with no complications; he came home quiet and subdued but ate a small meal in the evening. By Saturday morning he was brighter but still not himself but by early Saturday evening he was pretty much himself again and perky.

On Monday he was his old self again and much happier now that the damaged and obviously painful tooth had been removed. He's on an anti-inflammatory drug along with some antibiotics and he doesn't like them at all, shaking his head and walking backwards.

Yesterday he had his post op review with our Vet and he passed with flying colours. During this examination our Vet recommended a different brand of dog food (Hills Prescription Diet Canine T/D Mini) to help give Buster and our other dogs good dental health from here on in; especially important in dogs whose teeth go much further back in the jaw than their mouth opens (making effective cleaning difficult). 

It is more expensive compared to "mainstream" dog food brands (but like anything you only get what you pay for) and our vet suggested buying a bag and just putting a handful of Hills T/D Dental in each bowl. That is enough to keep their teeth clean.

 Hills Prescription Diet Canine T/D Mini

All our dogs now have a handful mixed up with their cereal and gluten free food and I am pleased to recommend it. The picture (so you know what to look for) above has a link to Hills Prescription T/D Dental small dog food on Amazon, but it will probably be cheaper at your Vet. Hills also do versions for medium and large dogs as well.

I know I said it before in my previous post, but looking after your dogs teeth is very important as bad teeth can really damage your dogs overall health. If in doubt ask your Vet what you can do to keep your dogs teeth in good order.

I use a phrase with my children that is also pertinent to this topic and that is; "you don't have to clean all your teeth, you only have to clean the ones you want to keep."

Hope you have a great day.