Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Life with Border Terriers.

Hello and welcome to my blog about Border Terriers. 

There is lot's of detailed information about the breed here, from a detailed description of the breed and it's nature (see detail page here) to pictures of my dogs and other Borders.

I have had Terriers for over 35 years and 15 of those have been with Border Terriers. I used to breed Kennel Club registered Border Terriers (but don't anymore) and one of my babies ended up as Best in Show at a County show. I have never been without at least one dog. My Grandmother was a breeder of Dachshunds, my Mother showed Dachshunds and my Uncle was County Vet of Wiltshire for over 20 yrs. So you can see dogs and especially Terriers have been and still are a big part of my life.

These days I have 3 Border Terriers, one who is 15 yrs, one 12 yrs and one 9 yrs. They are my constant companions and trusted friends.

Recently I've been showing owners of older Border Terriers how to maintain their coat and the classic look with electric clippers. I found as mine got more advanced in years hand-stripping, even gently was stressing them too much. So I did some research and practiced on mine until I got the technique right and I've written a book to help other Border Terrier owners do the same. Like us as a dog ages it's skin becomes less elastic, thinner and their tolerance to pain decreases. It was for these reasons I decided there had to be a better way. Now you can use this approach as well. 

I also explain fully how to hand-strip your Border Terrier and the tools and consumables you'll need.