Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Celebration of a Life Well Spent.

Bobbie passed away peacefully in the arms of my partner on the afternoon of January 3rd 2018. She was nearly seventeen years old and one of the smartest dogs I've ever had and she was also top dog; not only in our family but also in the wider circle of family and friends dogs that she saw often. Bobbie was the leader of the pack in every sense of the word. 

Her intelligence and her ability to predict what Louise or I may say or want was uncanny. Don't get me wrong although she was a lovable house dog she was courageous (maybe foolish as well) and a true terrier when out in the country. She once chased ducks by swimming up and down the Kennet and Avon Canal for over an hour with very concerned long boat owners passing slowly by watching her. On the hunt she forgot her name.  At the seaside she would chase seagulls who inevitably teased her by flying 100 metres and landing and repeating for as long as she would keep going. When she was 5 yrs old she got stuck down a badgers hole and had to be dragged out. She was a true character and was loved by all who came into contact with her. 

I had been cuddling her some of the morning and later on Bobbie refused her lunch and refused favourite snacks and water; I knew we were nearing the end of her wonderful life. However poorly she had been in the past she would always eat and hungrily so, as if she had not been fed in days (even if it was only a few hours ago). I called Louise and said I think Bobbie may be near the end and she decided to have the afternoon off work and came home straight away. 

Louise arrived and after just fifteen minutes having a cuddle with Bobbie in her arms and talking to her Bobbie passed peacefully away.

I am sure now that Bobbie was hanging on, waiting for Louise to come home. In Louise's arms she found peace and tranquility; and she knew that she was loved and safe. She passed peacefully with words of love and devotion ringing in her ears (and more than a few tears). We are sad but also very happy that we had such a special, special dog in our lives for so long (nearly Seventeen years). We have so many great memories and thousands of pictures of her, she will never be forgotten.

Although I always counted her as my dog I knew she was really Louise's. She would wait by the door for her car to pull up as she came in from work, she knew if Louise came home early or late by the sound of her car. Bobbie would always choose to sit with Louise in the evenings and follow her around. Yep she was Louise's dog and I guess I just looked after her (or her me) while Louise was out. Nonetheless I regarded her as my best friend and companion and I miss her sorely.

The strange (and sad) thing is Buster passed away on the 6th January 2016; two years almost to the day that Bobbie passed. The first week in January has a unique place in our calendars now.

Bobbie had not been able to walk because of arthritis since late October 2017 so we got her a dog cart to go out in. This picture is her on a walk in the woods in December 2017.

Bobbie in her dog cart.

Bobbie watching Louise.

Bobbie watching children play on Swansea Beach.

We have her ashes back now and she sits with Buster. Gone but never forgotten. If you have a dog, treasure every moment, life is short.

The loss of a pet can be devastating and sometimes you need some help to get through. Long after Bobbie passed I found this ebook by Robin Jean Brown, The Dependable ROAR Method.